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Selected Portfolio

2022             La Performance | Commissioned by Tron Theatre
                    Original composition, sound design and live performance for touring theatre production.  Premiered at                          Tron Theatre, Glasgow, October 2022 and International Visual Theatre, Paris, November 2022


2021            Fountain Tree | Commissioned by Sound Festival for British Art Show 9

                    Work for headphones.  Premiered at Marischal College, Aberdeen 21 August 2021 | Link

                    MAIM  [album] | Commissioned by Theatre by Gu Leòr

                    Third album release by WHYTE, featuring original music and arrangements.  Distributed by Birnam CD                        and Xango Music | Link

                     Songs from the Other Side | Commissioned by Fuora Dance Project

                     Original music and audio mixing for dance film.  Premiered online for Scottish Mental Health Arts                                 Festival 2021 | Link

2020            MAIM | Commissioned by Theatre Gu Leòr

                    Score and sound design for theatre production by Theatre Gu Leòr in collaboartion with WHYTE.                                  Premiered at Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 10 March 2020.  Tour postponed | Link

                    The Bill GIbb Line | Commissioned by Shane Strachan

                    Music for podcast series based on the life of fashion designer Bill Gibb | Link

2019            The Player Piano | Collaborative work with visual artist Kate Steenhauer

                    Semi-improvised live drawing and musical work.  Premiered at Duff House, Banff September 2019,                                subsequent performance at Summerhall, Edinburgh, November 2019.


                    Dance theatre work based on Polari and other cant languages.  Collaboration with                                                            choreographer/dancer Thania Acaron.  Premiered Dance Live Festival, October 2019 | Link

                    The Shelter | Music for verbatim theatre work | Commissioned by National Theatre of Scotland

                    Collaboration with writer/performer Shane Strachan and visual artist Kate Steenhauer.  Performed                                March 2019 at The Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen for National Theatre of Scotland's 'Just Start Here'                                  Festival | Video

2018            The Bandstand Project | Commissioned by Art Walk Porty

Work for soundscape and choir, developed for live performance & digital app as part of Art Walk Porty Festival’s ‘Bandstand Project’.  Premiere performance & app launch 1 September 2018 |Project Link


A Glimpse of Flesh & Blood | Collaborative work with Rob Heaslip Dance

Performative archive and multidisciplinary project exploring Scottish and Irish folk culture through the creation of new musical works and the reactivation of historic sound materials. Performance debut 31 August, Tanzmesse Festival, Düsseldorf, Germany | Project Link


Speaking in Tongues | Collaborative work with visual artist, Pedram Sadeghbeyki

Ongoing audio-visual research project into the musicality of language.  Initial stage developed at Arteles Creative Center, Finland, June 2018 | Blog Link 


Freagra: A Blurred Expanse | Commissioned by Rob Heaslip Dance

Electronic musical work for 5 dancers. Toured Scotland & Ireland, March 2018 | Trailer

Butterfly  | Collaborative work with filmmaker, Jakub Sirkowski 
Musical score for short film.  Nominated for ‘Best Sound/Music’ at Scottish Short Film Festival 2018 | Trailer



2017            Echo Chamber

Long-form soundscape work for radio.  Broadcast on temporary arts station Radiophrenia, 13 November 2017 | Audio Extract

Leis A' Bhàta Dhubh Dharaich | Commissioned by the Bùrach choir

Arrangement of 18th-century Gaelic song for SATB choir.  Premiered by Bùrach choir at the Royal National Mòd on 9 October 2017 – winner of the Sheriff MacMaster Campbell Trophy | Video

W-Hat About? | Commissioned by Fuora Dance Project
Musical score for dance theatre show aimed at children 6+ and grandparents.  Premiere performance at Scottish Storytelling Centre, 30 September 2017 | Trailer


“They listen, all coiled up in a silent radio…”

Performance-Installation for upright piano, 3 radios and video projection.  Premiere performance at Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, 30 June 2017 | Video


Degrees of Separation

Research and development project focusing on the musicality of the Sinhalese language and soundscapes of Sri Lanka. The project featured the recording and archiving of sound materials, an audio installation, and a live musical performance for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Exposure’ show | Project Link


2016            Fairich

Debut album release by WHYTE (a collaboration with singer-songwriter Alasdair Whyte), featuring original music and arrangements of rarely-heard traditional 17th and 18th-century Gaelic songs | Audio


when in roam | Collaborative work with Orphaned Limbs Collective

Music for 4 dancers.  Premiere performance at The Stove, Dumfries & Galloway Festival, May 2016 | Trailer


Earth Sounds |Collaborative work with Imogen Newland

Ambient work for amplified soil and solo dancer.  Premiere performance at the Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University, February 2016 | Project Link


2015            Kaidan

          Debut solo album released on Comprende Records | Audio


2014            The Visit |Commissioned by Elementz Dance Group

Music for dance film.  Premiere screening at Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen, October 2014 | Video


The Witching Hour | Collaborative work with Orphaned Limbs Collective

Ambient score for 2 dancers and projected film.  Premiere performance at Woodend Barn, Banchory, 26 June 2014 | Trailer


Ellie | Commissioned by Elementz Dance Group

Music for dance film.  Premiere screening at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, June 2014 | Video


2013            Three Cities Project | Collaborative work with Professor Pete Stollery and Dr Suk-Jun Kim

Soundscape project co-devised to encourage aural engagement through sound recording and digital cataloguing in Aberdeen, Bergen, and St Petersburg. The project also featured sound recording workshops with members of the public and the writing and publication of an academic paper | Project Link


2012            Orphans

Series of audio-visual experimental shorts.  Premiere screening at Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen, October 2012 | Project Link


Downloadable ‘audio walk’ work for headphones.  Released May 2012 | Audio



Work for projected video, electronics and contrabass flute.  Premiere performance at Woodend Barn, Banchory, July 2012 | Video


2011           Memorial

Site-specific audio-installation & downloadable work for headphones.  Premiered at Aberdeen Art Gallery, October 2011 | Project Link

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