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Short film by Jakub Sirkowski.  Musical score by Ross Whyte.

"They listen, all coiled up in a silent radio..."

Performance-Installation for upright piano, 3 radios and video projection.  Premiere performance at Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, 30 June 2017 for Magnetic North's 'Rough Mix' residency.

Fuaim an Taibh ('The Sound of the Sea')

Video and audio sketch for new arrangement of the Gaelic song Fuaim an Taibh by WHɎTE

'Leis A' Bhàta Dhubh Dharaich' - Bùrach at the Royal National Mòd 2017

'Leis A' Bhàta Dhubh Dharaich' - performed by Bùrach at the Royal National Mòd 2017.  Arranged by Ross Whyte.

Dreaming of the Summer

Audio-visual installation designed for the New Approaches to Traditional Music project, with Alasdair Roberts.

Melancholia #2

Video: aftermath of San Francisco 1906 earthquake.

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