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Scratch: Experiments in 16mm

Workshop #1 - 22 September 2013

scratch 0.jpg

Today was the first of the Scratch Workshops in Aberdeen as part of the upcoming Sound Festival. The workshop was preceded by a screening last night of Ian Helliwell‘s short audio-visual works as well as my own Orphans series.

Today’s workshop was led by Mark and Jo from OKO Lab. Working directly with 16mm film – some blank, some “found” – participants were able to create their own experimental audio-visual works. A variety of lo-fi techniques were explored including scratching and drawing upon the celluloid and optical sound strip, splicing and producing loops. All the results were combined to produce a single projected film. Some still images below:

scratch 1.jpg

scratch 2.jpg

scratch 3.jpg

scratch 4.jpg

...and here is the complete set of 16mm experiments:

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