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Ross Whyte

"Throughout “FREAGRA | A Blurred Expanse” Ross Whyte’s superb original music marries itself beautifully with [Rob] Heaslip's choreography, with movement seeming to inform, as much as being informed by, Whyte’s rich array of sounds and rhythms."

(The Arts Review)

"Ross Whyte's latest album, Kaidan, is now with us and it is a thing of great beauty and intrigue which gives you something new on each listen"

(Scots Whay Hae!


“retro, yet bang up-to-date sounds”

(The List)


“a creator of bewitching electronic soundscapes”

(The List)


“eloquent electronic musings and touching ambient piano”

(The Scotsman)


“gorgeously twisted and resonant electronics”

(The Scotsman)


“a fine example of the second idea of place, ‘place of’, where the composer alters the sounds he has recorded to produce a quite different sonic landscape that grows organically out of the original”

(sound Festival)


“The minimalist melodic material was immediately attractive and this piece would surely appeal to even the most traditionalist tastes.”

(sound Festival)



"envelopingly ambient"

(The Scotsman)

“engaging, fascinating and entirely unique”

(Bright Young Folk)

"Fairich is an absorbing record which will immediately appeal to fans of both The Gloaming and Sigur Rós, with the potential to gain recognition well beyond the confines of the existing traditional Gaelic song audience."

(fRoots Magazine)

“moody and alluring”

​"Hauntingly beautiful vocals immersed in sensitive layers of sympathetic electronica."
Alun Woodward (Chemikal Underground Records)

"hypnotic and involving"

(Seen and Heard)




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