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Freagra | A Blurred Expanse

Choreography | Rob Heaslip

Music | Ross Whyte

Dramaturgy | Brigid McCarthy

Lighting | Rob Moloney

Costume | Aaron Jeffrey

Cast | Fiona Jeffries, Giulia Montalbano, Rob Bridger, ​Keren Smail, Astrid Bramming


FREAGRA | A Blurred Expanse is an ensemble piece of contemporary dance exploring the importance of identity.

The Blurred Expanse is where the inhabitants conjure their play of cause-and-effect. They seek the new, toying with the unfamiliar until it becomes familiar, and then discard it. Their play is not always playful, where at times they test their environment and the capabilities of their comrades.

Look to the Expanse and its performers and witness them experience harmony and isolation, unity and conflict. 


Image: See Imagine Define


**** The Times

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