Sri Lanka Residency - Week 6

27 March 2017, Mirissa Yesterday morning (our final morning in Hikkaduwa) Lewis asked if I was feeling emotional at all, to which I replied “I think if I sneezed right now I’d burst into tears”. Our final few days together have been beautiful and heartbreaking and it’s a strange melancholy that I feel despite the idyllic surroundings I’m currently sitting in. Our final week began with one of the highlights of the entire residency: a catamaran ride around Rathgama Lagoon near Dodanduwa. We all knew that the pressure would be on for the final event on Friday, so it felt good to experience some serenity before the days of preparation ahead of us. On our boat ride we encountered 3 monitor liza

Sri Lanka Residency - Week 5

On Monday 13 March, we began structuring the finale event that will take place on the 24th of the month. Each day of this week has been spent designing and programming the solo and collaborative work that we’ve been working on during this residency. Part of this process involved a return trip to the recently-built paper factory on the outskirts of Hikkaduwa. Like so many products in Sri Lanka, the paper here is entirely hand-made. There are shelves stacked with paper made from water hyacinth, banana leaf, the rapidly-growing and invasive salvinia, and even elephant shit. Some of these ingredients make up 100% of each sheet, while others are combined with discarded scraps of paper that is

Sri Lanka Residency - Week 4

Another very full week! On Tuesday morning we made our way to Colombo to present to students and staff at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts. Upon arrival, we were guided through the building where a great number of music students were rehearsing for their exams. The endless cacophony of mass Kandyan drumming reverberated throughout the corridors and into the open windows of the hall where Joshua, Zoe, Mary, Lewis, and I gave retrospective presentations of our work and working practices. After a delicious meal at the Gallery Café in Colombo (highly recommended), we headed to our hot

Sri Lanka Residency - Week 3

3 March 2017 Somehow it’s March and we’re coming to the end of the 3rd week of our residency. This week has been much less eventful than last week, and I’ve deliberately stayed close to “home”. And it really did feel like coming home after our visit to Kandy. I’ve never been so glad to see the ocean – especially after several hours of this: On Friday night, I did an impromptu live set while Lewis, Mary, and Zoe danced (Joshua had gone on to Nuwara Eliya following our trip to Kandy). It was a lot of fun, and it felt good to be performing – no matter how rough it must have sounded. The trip to Kandy had yielded a wealth of creative possibilities and my mind has felt a bit like a factory of

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